F# Training

I offer training for small groups of developers who want to cross the bridge into the brave new world of F# and functional programming.

bridge walkers My approach emphasises under­standing over theory, using business-oriented examples rather than academic ones.

I also like to take some code or challenge that the team is already familiar with, and redesign it in F#. It's a lot of fun, and shows how the functional approach works with real-world problems that are relevant to you.

If you think your team would benefit from some F# training, please contact me for a free consultation at info@fpbridge.co.uk

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F# Development

babbage engine

For small to medium projects I can architect, design and imple­ment an on-premise or cloud-based functional-first solution for you.

I can also port or migrate an existing .NET solution (C# or VB) to an F# equivalent in OO or functional style. This ported version can then serve as the starting point for your own development.

If requested, I can also include detailed annotations on the design and coding decisions that were taken as part of the conversion to a functional style.

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F# Consulting

I can provide advice and support with any issues related to F# projects and libraries, including:

  • Advice on a low-risk strategy for introducing F# into your business.
  • Assistance with C# to F# migration. I can help with training, tips, and recommendations, so that you can reach your goal successfully.
  • Code reviews (including a pull request review service) as a follow up to training and migration.
  • Software architecture and design assistance for full-on functional-first development.
  • Design of functional-friendly services and general API design.

If you would like some help with F#, please contact me at info@fpbridge.co.uk

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