About Me

I am the creator of one of the leading F# web sites, fsharpforfunandprofit.com. Don Syme, creator of F#, has called my F# code "beautiful" and my posts "fantastic" and "extraordinary". Other users have commented: "an absolutely amazing resource" and "just superb".

photo of Scott Wlaschin I have over 20 years experience in development, design and architecture, covering all aspects of business software.

In addition to functional programming, I am also comfortable with object-oriented design principles, having used Smalltalk for many years. I feel that having experience in both OO and FP helps me to bridge the gap between the (sometimes hostile) camps effectively and productively.

Despite my love of F#, I am pragmatic and technology agnostic. I prefer to use a mixture of top-down and bottom-up design, getting the best of both, and using iterative development and early deployment to mitigate risk.

I am considered an excellent communicator and am comfortable with the "soft" skills that many developers dislike, including being a business analyst, writing documentation, interfacing with non-techies, and being a champion for the user experience.

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