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By Scott Wlaschin

Author of fsharpforfunandprofit.com

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Curious about using functional programming?

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You know that functional programming is some­thing that you should investigate... but where should you start? What's a low risk way of dipping your toes into the water?

For a C# developer accustomed to object oriented thinking, it can all seem a bit daunting at first!

It's true that F# does have a steep learning curve, but although it is steep, it is brief, no worse than learning LINQ or WCF or Entity Framework. A dedicated developer can make excellent progress in just a few weeks and can be producing real code shortly thereafter. (More on why I like F# so much.)

I can offer advice and support, and an incremental strategy for integration into your existing practices. (More on my training and consulting services.)

What's your problem?

You need to collaborate with others.

a link in a chain The conciseness and clarity of F# means that non-technical users can contribute to the design process, leading to faster turnaround and less rework. Complicated requirements can be sketched out up front, and entire designs can fit on one page. More...

You are swamped with too much work.

swamped by paper F# makes it easy to do rapid develop­ment. Most errors get caught during development, which reduces testing. And the amount of code that is written — and needs to be maintained — is much lower than C#, often by a factor of 5 or more. More...

You need to build a happy & effective team.

happy faces F# is fun! Learning functional programming (via F#) will make your team happier and make them better C# programmers as well. And you may find it easier to attract and retain top-notch talent if you are known for investing in new skills. More...

You have hard problems.

impossible triangle If your application uses complex algorithms, or processes big data, or requires concurrency, or accesses a variety of external data sources, then F# should be your first choice on the .NET platform. More...

If you have any of these problems, and you think your team would be interested in functional programming, please contact me for a free consultation at info@fpbridge.co.uk

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